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Inspiration, Who has Time for That!?

Sometimes it so easy to get wrapped up in our own little worlds and forget that there is a big old world right on the other side of our own little white picket fences. At times, I find myself just methodically checking the things off of my list and not really stopping to think about much else other than “didn’t I just clean out this chicken coop and if that damn rooster comes after me one more time do I have a pot big enough to actually put him in?!” Trust me when I say I threaten him almost daily to do just that so he won’t be surprised if one day I actually follow through on my threat, just saying.

A lot of us feel that there is not a whole lot of extra time in our day to just stop and smell the flowers literally and figuratively but let’s make today the day that we all take a least a tiny moment out of our busy days to do just that!  So, I deem today inspiration day and wanted to share a few of the places that have inspired me over the years.

One of the main inspirations as to why I chose this lifestyle was after the hubby and I’s first wedding anniversary almost 6 years ago. I desperately wanted to find a place we could go back to year after year, but that was close, but not too close to where we live. In my searches, I found a place called Rinconada Farms that did Farm Stays. What is a Farm Stay?  It was a magical little B&B of sorts except on a farm. There are two different options as to where you would like to stay and we chose the Fiesta Room where we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast and then explored the farm. At the time, we both had demanding jobs and found it hard to get away but Rinconada Farms was the perfect place to do just that. There were pigs and goats galore and we had a fabulous time just enjoying the peace and quiet. Even though we have not been back since that first year I still remember it every year on our anniversary and it inspires me to continue to live the “farm” lifestyle. And who knows maybe this will be the year we return and relive the unforgettable experience.

Another source of inspiration for me is Pinterest and let me just tell you I am obsessed and probably need to join some type of support group. Yet in my travels on Pinterest I stumbled on this little gem of a recipe for rooster, I mean chicken on Witty in the City.  I was a little skeptical of the recipe at first mainly just because of the name “Man-Pleasing Chicken.” But I must say it is a go to recipe for me, it is simple and delicious and I barely even get the kitchen dirty in the process which definitely pleases the man in my life because it is less for him to clean up! (I can be a bit a of a whirl wind in the kitchen.)

Please share your inspirations with us here at Danna & Dukes, I would love to see what inspires you to live a sustainable/farm lifestyle!

And on a side note, just to be clear no actual roosters were put in a pot while writing this post, this time anyway!

A Little Inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Inspiration, Who has Time for That!?

  1. I live on a little farm too and always tell my hens when they quit laying that they better start laying again or they are going in the pot, seems like my threats work cause we always have eggs within a few days!


  2. I like your writing voice. You have a personal, first person, storytelling ability with a sense of humor (especially about roosters) that keeps readers engaged. I share your sentiments about forgetting to stop and smell the flowers. When I returned to work after my surgeries, I made it a priority to arrive early to work so I could walk through the vineyards from the parking lot to the tasting room.


  3. I absolutely love the idea of a nice quiet getaway somewhere peaceful but interesting and staying at a farm sounds like there’s be some pretty cool activities. You mentioned zucchini and that is a staple in my house. However, I also tend to hear “zucchini again.” As a fellow black hole (Pintrest) enthusiast, I was wondering what your favorite recipe is for zucchini?? I’ll even share one of my favorite chicken recipes in exchange!


    1. Hi BellaSaela,
      One of my go to recipes is actually for a raw zucchini salad. It is fairly easy to make and really doesn’t have exact measurements. All you have to do is shred the zucchini, I use a mandolin and usually remove the seeds depending on how large it is, then fine chopped red onion, fresh parsley, capers, quality olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper all to taste. Allow that to sit for at least an hour in the fridge re-toss and serve. I also have added shredded carrots and basil which is also delicious! And I would love a chicken recipe!

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      1. That salad sounds amazing!! One of my family’s favorite chicken recipes is Cilantro Lime Chicken. It simmers in the crockpot all day so the chicken shreds apart and melts in your mouth! You can put a whole chicken, or I use chicken breast, in the crockpot with just enough chicken broth to almost cover the chicken. Sprinkle your seasonings on the chicken(I use salt and pepper) and squeeze about 3 limes over that. Then place diced yellow onion, finely chopped garlic, thin slices of lime, and a fresh bunch of cilantro(stalks included for easy removal later) over the chicken. Let this simmer all day in the crockpot. When its time to shred the chicken you can remove the cilantro and shred away!! It is best served on a taco or a fresh bed of green salad with a balsamic dressing!

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